Dear patients,

we are delighted about your interest in our newly decorated dental practice. On our homepage you can get information about our philosophy, the team and our treatment offers. Further questions and matters of interest will be replied to by email, telephone or personally if you wish. Please contact us. By the way: we offer our treatments also in English and Spanish.

Yours faithfully,
Dr. Katrin Schwade

Contact: Heimhuder Straße 15
20148 Hamburg (Harvestehude/Rotherbaum)
Telephone: 040 – 450 00 599
Telefax: 040 – 822 43 822 


You, the patient, are our main focus of attention. Our philosophy is based on an individual, comprehensive and copious consultation, perfectly aligned to you as our patient. Keeping your teeth alive and healthy is our foremost and prominent point of interest. In order to ensure the best treatment method and discuss together with you your personal wishes, we make plenty of time for our patients. Thanks to the most advanced treatment methods and newest, up-to-date appliances 

we can offer you sustainable and aesthetically outstanding results. One of the highlights our practice offers, is our specialized dental technician laboratory also located in our premises. We are therefore able to offer you highly flexible, fast and individually customized treatment approaches. Predictable, sustainable and aesthetically good results are herewith guaranteed. 

Feeling comfortable and understood

We want you to feel comfortable and at ease with our treatment. People who fear going to the dentist, are in good hands in our practice. We try to relieve you from your anxieties and concerns right from the beginning of your therapy. While perfectly and understandably explaining all steps of our 

therapy concept, you are always in the picture of what is happening. You are welcome to ask questions at any point during the treatment. Apart from the professional treatment you are receiving, we would like you to feel at ease at all time whenever you are in our practice.

Inner calling 

My desire to become a dental surgeon has a long history.  My father was a dentist too and from my very young days, I could witness his enthusiasm, delight and the intensity with which he practiced his profession and watched his willingness to be available for his patients whenever they needed him. Before starting my course at university to become a dental surgeon, I did an apprenticeship as a dental 

technician in his practice’s laboratory. It is my dream come true to return to these roots. An important matter close to my heart is the preservation of the teeth’s health as an interaction between good dental prophylaxis and a perfect treatment approach. Needless to say that my team I and are constantly engaged in continuing medical education. Likewise to my father, the empathic and comprehensive care of my patients lies personally close to my heart.

Advanced High-Tech Appliances

All our appliances are most up-to-date and according to the newest standard of research. For example our X-Ray device, the latest orthopantomograph of the newest generation enables us to receive tomographic images with the highest resolution while reducing radiation exposure to a minimum. As a result we beforehand get comprehensive information about your

teeth’s individual status and on the basis of a detailed anamnesis (case history) we can then discuss together with you your perfect treatment approach. Even regarding the technical features we are always willing to assist you whenever you have questions.

Cause and effect

The health of our teeth is essential for the whole organism. Chronic gingivitis or inflammations of the jaw bone beneath and his maintaining fibres strain the whole body and can result in various symptoms. Typical for this are for example halitosis (bad breath), afflictions in the gastro-intestinal tract or abnormal haemograms. By constantly cooperating with specialists of other disciplines, we ensure a comprehensive diagnosis and therapy at all times during your treatment. Regular follow-up 

appointments are not only helpful for early diagnosis but also give you the feeling of security to have healthy teeth and to be in good hands. This obviously doesn’t mean that you cannot fix an appointment at any time just because you have not contacted us for a follow-up visit or you are suffering instant pain. Maybe we can offer you in the future, a surrounding in which your prophylactic visits become more comfortable and pleasant.

Your time is precious


To make time for our patients and treat them without a hurry und with calm and ease, is an important part of our philosophy. We constantly make an effort to reduce the waiting time in our practice to a minimum. A realistic time management should avoid idle time. In the unlikely event of unforeseen delays, we will contact you as soon as possible in order to give you the possibility to make use of your precious time outside the waiting area.