At the very beginning there is
the plaster model


The plaster model is an extremely accurate three-dimensional model of your set of teeth, which represents the perfect copy of your current tooth status. This serves as a basis and corner stone of your treatment plan.

We cannot wok more accurately 


The surface of the plaster model is to be scanned by CAD-/CAM-method. This enables us to plan and reconstruct the framing of the crown most precisely. The precision achieved by working with computers is unmatched. Besides individual aesthetic alignment and adaption by our dental technician, we herewith guarantee the highest precision through electronic manufacturing.

The »new gold«: zirconium oxide

The opportunity to work without metals is one of the most advanced progresses in the history of dental medicine. To make use of an extremely compatible material is important as your dental crowns will remain in your mouth and they could influence your organism for many years to come. 

Zirconium oxide, which we use for constructing your crown’s frame, is entirely tissue-compatible and does not accumulate plaque. In the meantime it can be processed with maximum accuracy and is extremely resilient. Ugly metal rims belong to the past.

Masterful cut


Aligning and incorporating the artificial denture requires highest precision. Each tooth is a unique item with its own sulcus, groove and dents, very similar to a fingerprint. We rework them manually and precisely with the help of a fifteen-fold microscope until an entirely natural visual effect is reached.

Colour matters


The colour of the teeth is extremely crucial for determining the overall aesthetic impression. This will be defined on the basis of the other teeth’s colour and is likewise applied manually in multiple layers. Here, too, we work with highest precision to seek the perfect result for your new smile.

Final Touch


The topical treatment is the last step in the refinement of your denture. Each polishing requires utmost accuracy and cleanliness. At the end emerges a functionally and aesthetically perfect result.